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Wolf Adoptables - Batch 1 by KeyoshiStorm Wolf Adoptables - Batch 1 by KeyoshiStorm
Soooo... I thought I would also try out some wolves.
I'm not very happy with the color pallet... or the design, but I'm still new at it. ^^;

Tips are more than welcome. I would love some help on how to improve these.

$6 each.
Payment only via Paypal.

***RULES!!!*** :

What you CAN do with the character :
- Use it as avatar / icon.
- Choose whether they’re female or male (eyelashes are easy to fix yourself so they don't look so girly).
- Create a history and personality for it.
- Use it for roleplaying / stories.
- Change details of the design according to your liking ( e.g. you like a design, but not the eye colour, you can change that of course ).
- Private use only.

What you CAN NOT do with the character :

- Use it for commercial purposes ( e.g. use it as character in a comic you wanna publish, sell prints of it, etc. )
- Re-sell it.
- Claim the design was done by you.

How you can get a character :

1. Comment with the number you want to have.
2. Send me the money via Paypal.
3. I’ll send you a bigger version of the character with a transparent background.
4. Then the little cutie is yours! Have fun!

Customs :

Want a custom adoptable?
Please note me.

Note: If these go well... I'll probably do breedables. That's what they are called... right? lol

PS : Sorry, but I don't accept points. I can't use points to pay for my home. Sorry guys D:
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August 30, 2012
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